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Prince Milon Is Young Verified Musical Artist From Bangladesh.



Prince Milon is a Bangladeshi musician, and YouTuber. Who has already (Prince Milon) verified as the official YouTube artist channel and Spotify’s largest music platform. He got the official artist channel on YouTube on August 2021 and was verified as an artist on Spotify. The name of his official Facebook account is “Prince Milon” and the name of his official Facebook fan page is “Prince Milon”. The name of his official Instagram account is “Prince Milon”. She started her music career in 2017 with some of her own written songs. He has written and composed many types of songs. But in 2021 he released his first original song “Korli Buke Khoto”. “It’s time to work on my own YouTube channel and international music platforms Spotify, Dezzer , Amazon Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, Giosavan, Tidal,” he said. Lastly, he is proud to be a certified Bangladeshi musician. In 2016, his writings and composers released several songs, then the songs spread on YouTube. Gradual he began to win the hearts of the audience.

In August 2021, he became known among all audiences in Bangladesh as a musician. He made a music video in early August in which he was an artist and composer and the lyricist uploaded the video to the official YouTube channel called Sristy Multimedia.. From then on, he did not have to look back. Since then, he has been involved in his music life. Listeners continue to give mesmerizing songs and videos. His currency side was acting in his plays, which made him known in the Music world.

He said, “I am an ordinary person in the village. Today my reputation, my acquaintance has been able to win the hearts of the audience through my hard work and effort. Then this love will never be forgotten. I wanted to work in media since childhood. And to be known throughout the country. I feel established and blessed to be able to do that today.

In 2017, he released his first album, “Korli Buke khoto”, and began working in the music industry as a music artist. He has already uploaded lots of music and soundtracks to international music platforms. Some of his music is Ghum Asena, Ami Shudhu Tomar, Tumi Dhukko Dile etc. His music is already available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Dizar, SoundCloud, Tidal, Geosavan and other international platforms.

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Successful Entrepreneur Niraj Singhaniya – Dope Entrepreneurs




The importance of digital marketing to a company’s worldwide development cannot be overstated. In 2020, we proved that digital marketing has upward pandemics, even on bad terms. Digital marketing agencies and digital marketers have been important in aiding companies during a tough time.

It’s no a surprise that the need for talented digital marketing experts is increasing, given how digital marketing has changed the way firms contact their customers, who are more reliant on all online platforms for various purposes.

However, when confronted with a variety of talents, it might be difficult to choose which ones to focus on.

In the worldwide expansion of brands, digital marketing plays a key role. In 2020, we demonstrated the rise of pandemics even in terrible terms in the domain of digital marketing. The backing of brands in a difficult age was made vital by digital marketing companies and digital marketers.

While many children and adolescents spend time on the Internet or social media. Few brilliant young people strive hard to accomplish their ambitions.

Which may make others feel comfortable or wake them up for something when they seek such a story. Born in Rajasthan and residing in Kolkata, Niraj Singhaniya is a Successful Young Entrepreneur.

Many young digital marketers and social media marketing experts have demonstrated how internet marketing may help you improve. Niraj Singhaniya, an expert in offline and online business, uses Instagram Funnels and other methods.

While we asked Niraj about his path, he said, “his school life was completed in 2014 Struggle began when he was in school and wanted to attend additional courses but couldn’t afford the extra classes owing to financial difficulties, since he did B. com and Job in between his college life.” “Circumstances forced him to do the work so that he could take care of his family’s financial situation,” he continued.

“His Dad was suffering a financial difficulty owing to less employment Niraj explained, “and mum used to manage her restaurant as a small-scale company from home.”

He said, “I was depressed throughout all of this as the financial crisis worsened day by day.

I was not in the mood to perform the work, so I decided to start a Dropshipping business.”

Niraj has done Dropshipping based on his web abilities and knowledge, demonstrating how the internet can be beneficial in a positive way. According to him, “Dropshipping for cellphones and other accessories was something I did. I contributed the entirety of my earnings to my mother’s small scale business for its progress and expansion while completing the labor and collecting the cash from my business.”

Niraj and his mother’s efforts have enhanced the small-scale firm and transformed it into a fantastic enterprise. Radha’s Kitchen and Bakery is the core of the business. It is a Kolkata-based bakery located at Natural Heights Apartments near BPPoddar College.

Niraj was later exposed to the digital world of advertising via social media in 2019. Niraj Singhaniya found it extremely interested to work with a variety of OTT Platforms, Firms, Brands, and other individuals for the purpose of advertising. He currently has a number of meme pages with a large following.

Niraj now has a social media following of more than 50 million people. Niraj Singhaniya is putting in a lot of effort and hopes to make 2 Radha’s Kitchen and Bakery franchises in West Bengal by the end of 2022. Niraj aspirated to grow his company to its full potential and provide high-quality work throughout his state.

We wish Niraj and his family the best possible luck in their future ventures. Follow Niraj Singhhaniya on Instagram @nirajsinghaniya24 to keep up with his adventures and learn more from him.

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Nihal Tureha Youngest Digital Marketer In Uttar Pradesh




Nihal Tureha & Millions of internet users have learned to trust some digital marketing experts to the point where they are now regarded as reliable administrators and influencers in the field. Following the top digital marketing experts and influencers might aid you in achieving your objectives.

Nihal Tureha was born in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, on October 29, 2003. The crowd was astounded by one of India’s top digital marketing gurus. Radhey Charity, which was founded by a digital marketer turned entrepreneur, helps thousands of living creatures in and around Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Nihal and his crew at Radhey Charity, an internet NGO, attempt to reach out to individuals in different regions of India to help them.

We contacted Nihal Tureha to learn more about his job and the things they’re doing on the internet after seeing such efforts. This is what Nihal said to us: “My age is 17 and I am in the 12th grade. I gained basic abilities for being a digital marketer while perusing the internet and on social media.” “Right present, I own many Instagram meme pages and am the founder of Radhey Charity, an online non-profit.”

Nihal explained that his charity provides free meals to the homeless, public hospitals, and street animals while discussing his charity. Their team is dedicated to mankind and the treatment of all God’s creatures.

We were aware of Disha Patani’s birthday scenario since we were in the negotiations. As a result of the ongoing epidemic, many individuals have stepped forward to help, even if it is in the smallest way possible. Radhey Charity’s admirers didn’t stop there; they also fed stray animals and planted flowers. They also offered food and beverages to orphan children and cut a cake with Disha’s name on it. The story was covered by several Indian news outlets.

“While going through the highlights on the Rahdey Charity Instagram page, we saw that Disha responded by commenting on the post and thanking them for such a nice surprise, which was a very remarkable way of celebrating and contributing at the same time.”

“The COVID-19 outbreak has unquestionably changed the game, and we will see more companies using digital marketing tactics than ever before,” says Nihal Tureha.

On the other hand, Nihal Tureha’s efforts in digital marketing are paying off handsomely, allowing him to make a substantial sum of money. He tells us that he generally works to provide his customers with Instagram target audiences by employing various tactics and running campaigns and promotions from pages for a variety of large brands and OTT platforms all around the world.

Currently, this young man is working hard in his online NGO to reach out to more and more needy people and animals in order to provide them with excellent food and other necessities.

While Nihal and his team did an excellent job, this story has the potential to inspire a large number of young people online and in Nihal’s neighborhood. Radhey Charity (@radheycharitism) must be followed on Instagram.

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Aayush Dayama- A Content Creator At Peak




Aayush Dayama is a name on the list of great content creators and achievers in India. He is Young talent from the city Jaora, Ratlam district.

Aayush Dayama was born on February 6, 2003, in Jaora, Madhya Pradesh, India. Aayush has a long list of attainments. Meanwhile, he will focus on the main and great ones. Many young people are maintaining their focus on studies and future planning. Aayush has been focusing on growing his skills in creating content and growing his fan following.

Aayush Dayama told us about his journey, He told us about how he got started in this line. He usually used to make memes and make people entertain, while all this keeps him motivated. Aayush took everything on a serious note and kept working hard. Meanwhile, he usually thinks how hard it is to achieve more followers and grow a page without money.

Aayush ignored the idea to grow the page with paid promotions. As paid promotions were not affordable with his pocket. While making content, he kept posting for 4-5 months but didn’t lose interest. He saw that he’s receiving a lot of praising DM for his content. it took 1 year for him to be stable with his page and content reach, he reached a lot of people in a slow moment but he achieved well.

He kept his work up and took the page up to 100k, but on the sad side, he got a shadow ban from Instagram on his page. But he never stopped and kept on working hard to achieve his great numbers.

Meanwhile, revealing the name of the page Aayush Dayama owns is @shinchan_baccha with 315k + Followers. Quite impressive for all of us. Aayush had spent his hard-earned money on his page in the past, and everything paid him back with good deeds. Currently, he is also growing With 4 other pages of him which are a niche of writings and cartoons.

After all, Aayush is also a pharmacist. He’s working as a digital creator on Instagram and other Social Media Platforms, to earn smart.

Aayush told us he is not running after money, but he does all this for name and fame. So that, he could be able to invest his name and fame for those needful people who are struggling in slum areas. He wanted to work and live for poor ones rather than living a lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile, his next achievement would be to work hard and take his page for 1 million followers.

Such a hard-working and successful content creator, our editorial team wishes Aayush a stroke of good luck for his upcoming success and life.

You may follow Aayush Dayama on his Instagram to stay connected to his journey. His handle is @aayush_dayama.

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