January27 , 2022

46 Covid Deaths In Delhi In 5 Days, More Than Half Were Older Than 60



The national capital has logged 53 Covid deaths so far this month.

New Delhi:

Delhi has recorded more Covid-19 deaths in the first 10 days of this month than the total deaths in the last five months. Most of those who died had comorbidities and were not vaccinated against the virus, government data said. 53 people have died of the viral disease so far in the national capital this month, with 46 deaths in just five days. 

Delhi on Sunday recorded 17 Covid deaths, which is the biggest single-day spike in seven months.

Of the 46 Covid patients who died in Delhi between January 5 and January 9, 34 had comorbidities such as cancer, and heart and liver diseases, according to government data. Only 11 of the 46 were vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

More than half of the deaths in the last five days were people above sixty years of age, two teenagers also succumbed to the virus. Twenty-five were aged above 60, and 14 were aged between 41 and 60. Five fatalities were recorded in the 21-40 age group, while one patient each from the 0-15 and 16-20 age groups succumbed to the infection, the data showed.

According to an official, 32 patients were admitted to the ICU and they were mostly those who had comorbidities such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, cancer, liver and heart diseases, etc.

Twenty-one patients who had other problems tested positive for Covid after being admitted to hospitals.

Thirty-seven of the 46 patients were admitted to hospitals when their oxygen saturation level dropped below 94 per cent.

On Sunday, Delhi reported 17 deaths due to Covid, the highest in a day since June 13 last year.

The capital has logged 53 Covid deaths so far this month. A total of 54 fatalities due to the viral disease were recorded in the last five months – nine in December, seven in November, four in October, five in September, and 29 in August. 

The national capital is considering stricter restrictions to contain the alarming surge in Covid cases. Dining at restaurants may be banned in new Covid curbs in Delhi, sourced who attended a Covid review meeting told NDTV. However, home delivery and takeaways will be allowed. 

The city witnessed a 12 per cent jump in new infections as it added 22,751 cases on Sunday. The positivity rate stood at 23.53 per cent.

There are 1,800 patients in the Covid dedicated hospitals in the city, according to the data published by the government. Out of these, 182 are Covid suspects while 1,618 are confirmed positive patients, it said.