January27 , 2022

From creating extraordinary memes to becoming the Gen-z content creator, the journey of Kushal Mistry



Indian comedy content has flourished since the last decade and so has many new faces. Even during the hard times of Covid, many comedians performed online to keep the mood light. People over years have also watched many stand-up comedians flourish through multiple shows; however, the pandemic gave us some great stars online who people have never seen or heard before. From Instagram reels to YouTube channels, many Gen-z comedians have showcased their talent and kept people entertained. Kushal Mistry is a 24-year-old kid who started his career at an early age. Kushal finished his computer engineering from Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College. He was completing his graduation when he thought of showcasing his talent in some entertaining form.

Kushal started with a meme page on Instagram, where he used to post regular memes based on daily life. He is a simple guy from the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who had a keen interest in observing daily life instances and creating memes based on them. Just like a common man he also went through hard times and choose to use the Instagram account @kushalmistryofficial as his weapon to calm down. He kept making memes for a long time based on the struggles and frustrations he had. He even attempted on making short videos on his social media handle. Kushal was highly inspired by artists like Harsh Beniwal and Beyounick amongst many others. His idea of creating short videos emerged from the interest he found consuming the content of his favorite comedians online. His interest grew even bigger inspiring him to build a video with an appropriate script and storyline. He was finishing his engineering alongside his friends Parth Parmar, Jatin Prajapati, and Vijay Gurjar when he finally decided to make a video with the help of his friends.

Finally, in the year 2017, they made their first video together and uploaded it on YouTube. The video was named ‘Gujju’s While Driving , Amdavadi Man Vs Wild , bhai Betha chhe’ and they named the channel Amdavadi Man. The funny skit and the newness in the video caught many eyes and got a huge number of views. Soon they decided to keep this trend and kept making new funny videos. While the whole team was making videos, Kushal realized that people are loving their content and were willing to see them make more. This made him stick to his strategy of indulging in comedy content creation and he finally decided to build his career around the channel.

His channel made videos on Movie and Song Parody, movie and TV Serial Spoof, Observation, Sketch Comedy, daily life problems, trending, and relatable topics, and twisted humor amongst many other genres. With a success in making comic videos, they were able to upload more than 180 videos till now. He and his boys were able to also make short videos on other platforms such as YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok josh making them one of the most asked comedians of Gujarat. His videos are widely watched by all generations including kids, school college youth, office, and desk job workers, and even senior citizens too. They have received a lot of appreciation from the millennials and Gen-Zs who love watching realistic yet funny videos. People happen to connect to his videos as they are more based on daily observations.

The biggest flex of a comedian is to keep the eyes and ears open to ensure they observe the different individuals and incidents happening. This allows them to create more realistic yet creative videos. Kushal Mistry has the natural tendency to notice the daily ongoings as he has always used his observation to make creative memes. This has made him a better comedy content creator and added to his experience. His decision of moving into a full-time comedian profession was more stable when he reached 10K subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Since then, he has been dedicated to making videos to entertain his fans and followers. His videos are highly watched and have been growing since 2017. The viewers dedicatedly follow his videos and shower his videos with amazing reactions and love wishes. His channel posts a new video every week with creative content to ensure complete entertainment. His journey from being a college meme maker to a highly watched content creator has been impeccable. His YouTube channel is soon to touch a Million mark making him one of the most-watched content creators of India. The 1-minute video to a full-fledged scripted sketch comedy and stand-up comedy too ,he has set great career goals in front of the millennials who love watching him and his channel. Being the founder of the YouTube channel ‘Amdavadi Man’, he plans to come up with many new and interesting ideas alongside his three other friends in the coming times. His channel even received a blue tick because of his work and the amount of hard work he has put across in making the videos alongside his friends. Kushal Mistry has been a true inspiration to many and will continue delivering his true self.