Shakhawath Hossain Fahim Is Going To Be An International DJ & Musician

Shakhawath Hossain Fahim is a 20-year-old musician who has contributed a lot to the music industry. During his teenage days, he decided to make music his career and has accomplished many things so far. From working with different artists, brands to starting his own studio, the artist has come a long way in his career.

Shakhawath Hossain Fahim, proud face of Kishoreganj, nowadays music has become his knowledge, meditation & profession. Although his full name is Shakhawath Hossain Fahim, he is better known as DJ Bijoy. It is learned that from the beginning of 2014, his love for music gave rise to a wide range of ways & he started working on music while studying in college. It can be said without hesitation that out of the number of DJs in the country at present, the name of DJ Bijoy comes up in the first row.

It is to be noted that he is already building a strong foothold in the country’s music industry. He has performed in Sheikh Kamal International Club as well as notable clubs like Dhaka Club, Khulna Club, Sylhet Station Club, Chittagong Boat Club. DJ Bijoy also has fond memories and experiences of performing in India and Nepal beyond the borders of the country. Talking to him, it is known that he prefers to play with music & has a keen interest in EDM (electronic dance music). However, he is also quite proficient in music like Trap, Mumbathan, Dubstep, Deep House, PSY Trance, Retro. He has considerable experience in this field & he himself thinks that he has undoubted potential in this field.

Meanwhile, when asked about his future plan for music, he said, “I have decided to work with music in the future as well. I love music and want to be with music. However, I also want to do business or be an entrepreneur. Many DJs in our country have done their own albums, but I haven’t done that yet. However, I sincerely believe that I will be able to present my best in front of everyone only by working with love. On the other hand, if you want to match yourself properly as a DJ, I think you must have a selfless love for music. Not only sound education but his alertness & dedication too are most required. If you dream of expanding your work & combine hard work and concentration accordingly, you will be able to establish yourself as a successful person at the end of the day.”

He says, “Music is my life, and it makes me happy. So, I made sure no setback affects me and kept going on. Eventually, my hard work started paying off. But I have more dreams and wish to collaborate with many talents in the future. So, let’s hope for exciting work ahead.”

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