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Coming from a small city of West Bengal, Malda, Sadakat Aman Khan, popularly known to his fans as Mr. Harmonium, is now performing in the world stage, with his immense passion and fondness towards Classical Music. As the audience sits back, relaxing to the beautiful presentation he has to offer, Sadakat Aman Khan mesmerises his audiences with his art, which was introduced to him by his grandfather, ‘Sangeet Acharya Md. Yunus Khan’ and later on, by his father, ‘Ustad Sahadat Rana Khan’.

Hailing from a family with rich tradition of music, he always had that keen interest to dive into the world of the beautiful yet mysterious paths of the Classical Music, which, eventually helped him to channel out the inner passion and love for this beautiful genre of music, showing him the path towards his many successes. Although, Sadakat admits that, as a kid, he was very much mischievous, but, that did not stop him to find the beauty of the Classical Music and dive into the depths of it.

He entered Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, to learn more about the technology that effects in making the modern society progress… Computers. Sadakat embraced technology by leaps and bounds, learning the technology up and close, by pursuing B.Tech. This helped him in escalating his journey and dreams, like never imagined before.

Participating in various occasions of many social and cultural events held in the University, in front of large audiences, Sahadat found a home away from home. There he associated with many pre existing cultural societies of the University.

With constant support and encouragement of his friends, Sadakat was encouraged to face whatever challenges the competition had, that too, without any kind of effect on his work. Now, while chasing his dreams, he looks back to his phase of engineering and music at the University, which helped him to understand the various aspects of life. This very understanding, helped him to be the beloved Mr. Harmonium to his fans.

Today, Sadakat is collaborating and working with several renowned artists and composing originals.

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