A Song of Sinha at the Time of Pandemic … Released 2020, Flash back

Arijit Sinha

In 2020 at the time of pandemic , some lyrics came on mind and right then Mr. Sinha sit to write and later composed this song gradually….. And on 15th August he released it by celebrating independence day as well as present a message on society at that covid situation. The main motto of this very song is to grow concern to the people about do and don’t at the covid time and also the original meaning of freedom … Here shows the cruelty of the society and the mischievous person form whom the society suffered ….

Though out the song ‘Garje Otho He Manabata’ Mr. Sinha wanted to present the serious problem like as nepotism corruption pandemic etc. And at the end he pray for a light to over come from such situation…..

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