A successful writer and photographer – Md Jahad Uddin

Md Jahad Uddin is a sylhety writer and photographer. He was introduced himself to launch his first Book “Neglect” on Amazon.

Md Jahad Uddin is a Sylheti writer and photographer. He was introduced himself to launch his first Book “Neglect” on Amazon. He is continuously writing on social media. He is very known to social media for his poetry and some episode base short stories “Jomir maths Dinguli” and thrillers episode “Dhushawpno” Jahad has also participated in the famous 35Awards global photography competition and he is two times title second stages. His photography exhibitions are jointly organized by Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy and Bangladesh Photographic Society BPS. his upcoming work (next book) his dream Book will be released Omor Ekushey Boimela 2022.  You get Md Jahad Uddin poetry, short story and some writing content on social sites Facebook, Instagram and his personal website.

He first started writing in 1996 when he was in class six. His interest in writing grew as the article was published in a school magazine. Since then, he has gradually developed from the neighbourhood to his own district. At present, his Facebook timeline is full of thousands of likes and comments on the welfare of Facebook.

Md Jahad Uddin started his photography career in 2015. When his close friend gifted him DSLR. His foreign friend is very known to him for his photography. He is the first program was a wedding photography place in Sylhet district. Thus began the life of his photography career.

Facing all the difficult chapters of life after the death of his father, Md Jahad Uddin is giving priority to writing. Worked to solve economic aspects in an autonomous organization. Md Jahad Uddin, the father of a daughter in his married life, dreams that his writings will be appreciated in the world literary arena and he will be able to match himself by writing in the literary arena of the country.

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