A talented and amazing singer and composer, Punjab boy Rk Rohan, is all set to dominate the industry.

Knowledge and skills are the two most important aspects of a healthy career. The dedication towards passion and sincerity to work leads to success. The entertainment industry is a huge world itself and people who wish to enter this world have to be creative and deserving. Music is yet another part of this industry where people thrive to shine and come to the limelight eventually. While people lose their hope easily, there remain some people who work harder than anyone to establish themselves as a star in this world.

Rk Rohan, a singer, composer, songwriter, poet, and story writer was born in Pathankot, Punjab. Also worked as dialogue writer for short films and stage dramas, he is a man full of creativity and excellent skills. He works as an independent artist. His dedication to music and entirely to the entertainment industry is something that inspires everyone. His love for music has made him this influential and excellent.

He came into the limelight when he posted a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput in the first track that gained over 2 lakh views. He also released a motivational rap song YouTuber anthem, which gained over 8 lakh views, “Beyond Words” with over 150k views, and a Punjabi song to which over 9000 reels were made.

Recently, he released “SanuEk Pal Chain Na Ave” with new lyrics and composition, which was also liked by many people and remained in the limelight for quite some time. Also, he plans to release his upcoming mega project, “The MakeUp song”, this September.

An amazing and talented singer and composer, Rk Rohan is on the way to dominating the music industry with his skills. His dedication and sincerity toward his work show how passionate he is for music and he is working to accomplish his career in the entertainment industry.

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