A young Bangladeshi rising musical artist – Faisal Alam Dihan

He was acquainted with the music business dispatched his first music “Raded” on sound cloud first.

Faisal Alam Dihan is a Bangladeshi musical artist who has made a big name in digital marketing world. Faisal is an entrepreneur, Blogger. He was acquainted with the music business dispatched his first music “Raded” on sound cloud first.

Faisal Alam Dihan is at the top of gaining a lot of popularity in a very short time. He is an actor who has taken place in people’s minds in a short time. Name: Faisal Alam Dihan
Since childhood, he has had a keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different from many other individuals in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting. He opened his company “Mirsarai The world” with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry.

He was born on 19 May 2001 in the village of Mirsarai, Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is working hard in this field due to her mother’s inspiration and deep love for music. He is a real example of the life that music can be associated with. May he find all the happiness of his life in the middle of the song. He always tries to present new songs to his followers.

In this regard, the young music artist Faisal said, he started his music journey in 2017. Now the epidemic in the country has become a permanent problem in Corona, in which it is not possible to work outside the home. The young musician added that my original song will be released from his official YouTube channel “Faisal Alam Dihan”. He is also doing music cover as well
Faisal Alam Dihan is mostly known for his short video. He use to make a short funny video and upload it on his Facebook official page and Youtube artist Channel. He is also a Freelance film-maker. He use to make films in urban areas with his drone. He is the best drone Pilot in his area.

Faisal Alam Dihan is a successful entrepreneur. He is the admin of the Bangladeshi online news portal “Mirsarai Times”. Faisal Alam Dihan is a Cyber Security Specialist. At the age of 17, he started To learn Cyber Security. Now he is a cyber security specialist. Faisal is a blogger. He is also a programmer. He is an Android developer.

Faisal is known for his first song “Rated”. Recently he got verified on the world biggest music platform “Spotify”. He is also OAC (official artist channel) verified on youtube. Faisal use to make funny videos in his free time. He is very famous on Facebook for his funny video.

He is also verified on India’s biggest music platform “Jio Shaavn”. Recently He got verified on Google. He is already verified on youtube as an Official artist. Recently he got verified on google.

Faisal is a successful and young entrepreneur. He is very famous for his honesty and humbleness. He is the owner of “Mirsarai The World” which is a famous Bangladeshi online news portal. There 50+ people work in his company.
Faisal Alam Dihan is Now a very popular name in Bangladesh. He is a gem of the young generation.

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