Ariyan Ahmed – The Bangladeshi Musician & Composer

Ariyan Ahmed

Ariyan Ahmed is a Bangladeshi musician, prolific marketer, and a par-excellence influencer. He is the CEO and founder of Ariyan LTD media company. Ariyan Ahmed is well known for his association with vital national and international brands. He often forms plots in influential global digital news and magazines.

Ariyan LTD works for various arenas in digital media, such as music, movies, web shows, and many more.

Hi!! Will you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone, I am Ariyan Ahmed a founder, a marketer, an influencer, a musical artist and an entrepreneur. I am the founder of Ariyan LTD. I am 23 currently in age and stepped into the digital world with a solitary goal of making feasible growth options and helping many others.

I have been aiding thousands of people and have been working for the same, making my work immensely pleasurable for me. Being in this line of work for so long I have gained a lot and wish to add a lot more people.

At such a young age, how did you establish such a prominent brand?

As long as I can remember, since the age of 15, I always had this longing to work for something that holds a greater good, so that I can provide aid to others around me, and to as many people, possible. I don’t have one single word which could entirely define my journey, but if it has to be so, I would say, my journey has been very different. I am a college dropout, a thing one shouldn’t be proud of but I am.

I had a crystal clear picture of what I wanted to achieve in my life. I always thought of what the celebs and the famous would need, what could be done to aid people who have everything at their dispense. But I realized that the lives of these people are much complex than they would seem.

So, I was already planning in the same arena, and an urge to grasp the attention of the celebrities, behind whom the entire media and audience go berserk, propelled me more and led to the creation of Ariyan LTD, which in turn gave rise to [Ariyan LTD]Media Company.

What are the major challenges that you have encountered to date?

Well, I cannot think of a single man, who hasn’t encountered hardships on their path to the ulterior motive and greater good. Hardships are a part of the journey and inevitable. Talking particularly, I have lived a varying life, experiencing, and confronting diverse environments

I have lived in all-inclusive ways. I would say that my experiences have yielded this man in front of you. They made me what I am. Environments with a posh life to an environment where the worst treatment is incorporated, I have been through that all. Maybe that is the reason I understand the needs and wants of all the groups of the society and I am working to bring a change to the same.

During the establishment of Ariyan LTD, to gain the trust and acquire faith, is a great task and to make them realize that someone is out there ready to boost their profile and help them out effectively is a great task. But with the help of unique plans and efficient ideations, in no time we emerged as a company with productivity booming and yielded great results.

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