Baashe Delta  known for his singing in multiple languages, including Hindi ,English, German & Somali

Baashe Delta is a musician, singer-songwriter and Composer who was born on May 10th 2002. He is One of the most talented musicians in Germany & He is known for his singing in multiple languages, including Hindi ,English, German & Somali.

He got influenced by many artist while he was growing up but one of his inspiration is AR Rahman an Indian musician and most of His music are influenced by Indian music.

He started his music career with pop music., He has performed in various places in Germany like Berlin, Munich , Stuttgart, and Frankfurt.

His professional music journey began in the year 2019 with his debut release dubbed “Najma” His impressive catalog boasts of numerous single and video releases and his moment of fame came with the viral release of his tune “LACALA” which was received to deserved acclaim with fanatics online queuing up to release the various “LACALA” challenges on the viral TikTok media app and pushing the song to global recognition !

His album dubbed “Jawiyada Farxada” is a certified 10-piece collection with some flavorful jams such as “Ehel Caashaq”, “Cafis”, “Nolol Iyo Jacayl”, “Lugooyo” and Xis Daara.

Baashe Delta , who has already achieved a lot in his short 19 years of life. He co-found a record label, kkurbo studio Music Company and has succeeded in making a name for himself in the world of music.

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