Bio-bubble is having a bad effect, balance is necessary to avoid mental health problems


According to a study by Cricket Australia (CA) medical experts, the stress associated with a strict bio-bubble environment has a ‘bad effect’ on the mental health of the players. There is a need to strike a balance to avoid the damage caused. According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, CA’s mental health chief Matt Bergin and chief medical officer Dr John Orchard called the ‘British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine’. It is mentioned in an article for.

He wrote, ‘‘ Competition-related stress can have long-term ill effects and it is possible that negative effects are experienced weeks or even months after the event.’’

players have to show combativeness

He said, ‘‘ Players who are often praised for their combativeness also have to deal with the challenge of facing this situation. It is also challenging for them to adopt and develop new ways to maintain their mental health.’’ He said, ‘‘ Most of the symptoms associated with bio-bubbles are easily treatable, but there is a limit to the tolerability of this method even for players.’’

Both the experts stressed on the need to strike a balance to avoid mental health problems for the players in the bio bubble. Bergin and Orchard wrote, ‘‘ There should be a limit to avoid such a hopeless situation. The player himself is responsible for his mental health.’’

He said, ‘‘ Keeping Kovid-19 away from the game will require a balance of protocol. It should not be so strict that it has a huge impact on the mental health of the players.’’

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