Delhi Capitals, Anrich Nortje Want To Play Match By Match For The Rest Matches Of Season 14


IPL 2021: In the second part of the Indian Premier League season 14, the team of Delhi Capitals remains on top of the points table. Fast bowler Enrique Norkhia has contributed significantly to the success of Delhi Capitals in the last two years. Norkhia has made special preparations for the matches to be played in the UAE. Norkhia says that he would like to play match by match in the second half of IPL 2021.

Norkhia proved to be a very successful bowler in the UAE. Norkhia took 22 wickets in 16 matches for Delhi in IPL 2020 and helped the team reach the final of the tournament. Norkhia said, “This was where things started happening for me in the IPL. But I want to play it match by match this season. A lot is coming even after IPL. We have to try and remember what we did here. Hopefully we can repeat what we did last time in the UAE.

No team had bet on Norkhia in the bid last year. Norkhia got a chance to play for Delhi Capitals as a replacement for Chris Woakes. Norkhia believes that the second phase of IPL 2021 will be completely different from the first part of the tournament to be held in India.

Delhi Capitals remains on top

Norkhia said, “What worked in one place will not work in another place, so we have to take it according to the game. The upcoming games in UAE are going to be completely different from the games we did in the first season. Different strategy in the second phase of the tournament. We have to be ready from now on.”

The team of Delhi Capitals has so far managed to win 6 out of 8 matches. Delhi Capitals need to win two more matches to make it to the playoffs. Delhi Capitals will begin their second leg of IPL 2021 on September 22 in Dubai with bottom-ranked Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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