Findequipnow is a Marketing Agency in South Asia

Since 2020, Findequipnow has offered clients innovative digital marketing solutions to help them drive revenue for their businesses. As a leader in SEO, web design, ecommerce, website conversion, and digital marketing services, we pride ourselves on driving traffic, converting visitors and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver a positive return on investment for our clients.


Findequipnow, one of Bangladesh’s emerging public relations agencies, has recently announced service expansion beyond the borders focusing on South Asian markets. The company is also considering launching a PR service in the US media in the future.


It have an ever-expanding trophy cabinet not only for our web design, SEO and digital marketing work, but also for our company culture.In a statement on the second week of September, the agency informed that the move came after four years of India service launching and nine years of commencing journey from Bangladesh.


In 2019, Findequipnow (www.findequipnow.com) started operations by providing media relations in Bangladesh, while the agency expanded services in neighboring India in April 2020.



Findequipnow PR offers a broad range of services, including media relations and events, whether you are looking to enhance internal or external communications with a conference, award ceremony, product launching, roadshow, or brand experience.

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