Frahim Hasan Rony – The Talented Young Bangladeshi Musical Artist,Entrepreneur and Youtuber

Frahim Hasan Rony is an Bangladeshi Musical Artist & YouTuber. Frahim Hasan Rony was born on September 20,2004 in Netrakona, Bangladesh. His father name is Rafiqul Islam and mother name is Forida Parvin Popi. Although he started his career in 2018, but it was completely started in 2021.But in 2021 he released his first tracks name “Alone“. His music available on many music platform like Spotify, Dezzer, Amazon music, iTunes, Apple music etc.

Now let’s to know why he choose these.

The reason that has been in the care of the artist in his career, he likes music. In one word, he is also a music lovers. In the other way to say. From his childhood, his attitude was different from other children. He was very interested in the Internet since childhood. He entered the internet from the age of 13. He is achieved Google knowledge pannel in 16 years old. All thanks to his presence on the web as a technology expert who is also known for various other things like SEO, social media influencer. Frahim Hasan Rony said, he can stay without everything but can not be stay one second without the Internet. He loves to make music. He uploads videos on YouTube, as well as other short video platforms such as TikTok, Youtube. He said, “I am passionate about my work and everything that I do, because I love what I do, and I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. There is no endpoint I always keep challenging myself, which pushes me a step ahead as well as helps me acquire more knowledge, and master new skills.”

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