Great Pianist and Guitarist Arun Allicious based on Tura India.

Arun Allicious

Great Pianist based on Tura India who is also known Arun Allicious (Arun Allicious Nokrek Marak) is multi talented Artist. He was born in (30th September 2001) since he was known for music lover from the very young now he is became an intermediate Piano player. He was started his music journey at the age of 12 Years old.


In 2012 his parents sent him to St. Peter Hostel Purakhasia to get his better education. Basically Arun Allicious is from the very backward area at that time there was no Middle School and High School around his area therefore he has to shift somewhere.


While he was 11 years old he went to hostel and he studied in class 5 after 6 months he started to learn music from his seniors. His journey was started with the Guitar for the few years he learned guitar later on he knows staff notation, chords and scale.Then, he realised that every music instruments are similar notes.


In the year of 2014 he started to learn Piano and mostly his hobby is music from there he is no longer interested in outdoor games and sports. But he takes Piano as of his games and sports and hobby.


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