Hasan Almajidy is an Iraqi from the city of Baghdad,, a music artist

Hasan Almajidy Huh is an Iraqi artist who lives in the city of Baghdad, born in 1996. Huh is a music artist and music producer who produces all kinds of music. He entered the music industry at a very young age as a music producer in March 2020. Abhishek adds his own flavors to his music as well as a digital music distributor and e-shopping expert who has produced a lot of international music on the popular stores Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Spotify
He has attractive releases, he is famous in artistic production in modifying vocal rhythms and making them attractive
He is also a YouTuber in the world of technology and technology. I have experience in the technical field and update his experience in social communication.
He is also a writer on social media platforms
He is also a photographer and graphic designer, I have experience in taking photos, designing photoshop and website designer.
He is also a human rights activist and interested in the world of news and the transfer of free and reliable news and an amendment to the authenticity of the news and the amendment of it.

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