Kingsley King is a verified musical artist Of Belgium

Kingsley King is a born 19 August 1982 in Belgium. He is a Belgium Musician Artist & Entrepreneur, Freelancer and YouTuber. Who has Made a Big Name in Graphics Design & Digital Marketing. Kingsley is also a Blogger & Content Writer. Kingsley is a already verified as (OAC) YouTube official artist channel & largest music platform on Spotify.


Kingsley King

He is also verified music publisher Spotify, Amazon, Google Play. YouTube, Deezer etc Platform. He started Online agency, a startup company in 2020, Kingsley King provides web design and IT-related Solution services with digital marketing, which is now gaining popularity among people and is working with a number of entrepreneurs from across the country as well as abroad.


Kingsley in addition to musician, he is regularly performing on his own YouTube channel “Kingsley King”. There he made videos on hip-hop, sad song, happy song, music-related videos. At present, his channel has about 3k subscribers.

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