Kishanu Karmakar – The Backbone Of Startups And Entrepreneurship And The Pioneer Of Modern Technology


Those who understand the value of time and take the leap of dreams often impress others with their image, such famous and young entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar grew into a well-known digital marketer of India with his courage and success. With the changing times, there have been many opportunities to bring digital marketing and business online, At that time Kishanu Karmakar won the trust of everyone with his excellence, skill and technical knowledge and today, he is known as the expert of successful social media and digital marketing in the world-wide.

Early Life of Kishanu Karmakar

When the rest of the students were enjoying the beautiful moments of their life in the enjoyment, Kishanu Karmakar gave a different direction to his blogging passion. At that time, technology, social media, internet and blogging had nothing to do with far and wide, understanding these factors from a young age, he worked a lot on it. In 2013, Kishanu Karmakar founded SNK Creation, giving wings to his dreams. SNK Creation which is a Digital Marketing Company changing with the modern times. Through which, by focusing on Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Publishing, Developing and Technical Business Solution, everyone gets the benefit of this, such arrangements have been made. Success is the result of his work and responsibility, due to which he has been named as Dynamic Entrepreneur and Technical Digital Marketer.

Inspiration For Youth

Today every second person is engaged in increasing his business and personality online, in such a situation digital marketing is the only way. In today’s resource-rich era, where everything is easily available, Kishanu Karmakar is always remembered for better, responsible and trustworthy digital marketing in the industry, Whether it is big corporate companies or a public figure person, everyone is aware of the brilliance of Kishanu Karmakar. Today, along with winning the trust of countless customers around the world, today many people are inspired by their business strategy, innovative ideas and determination. He achieved success in all areas with his business strategy, such as: Film Industry, Actor, Artist, Startup Business, Brands, Corporate Companies, Singer, Politicians, Influencer and Government Sector.


With so many years of hard work, diligent conduct and ability, Kishanu Karmakar has been appreciated on many news platforms, And today, by achieving success from failure, he has proved that hard work and passion is the key to success. That is why Kishanu Karmakar is called the backbone of Startup and Entrepreneurship and with this enthusiasm he has turned many businesses towards success. For more information you can follow on Instagram @kishanukarmakar.


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