Md Abidur Rahman  | Youngest Artist and Entrepreneur Of Bangladesh

Md Abidur Rahman

Md Abidur Rahman is an Artist, Entrepreneur & Freelancer Of Bangladesh. He is also a self-published Author and the founder of Md Abidur Rahman IT. He has already verified as (OAC) YouTube official artist channel & largest music platform on Spotify. He is also an entrepreneur, blogger, YouTuber and the founder of Sabbir IT.
Sabbir started composing music at the young age of 16, he learned various think in music-related and became a successful musician and also he is a successful entrepreneur.

Personal Life
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MD Abidur Rahman of introduction. is an independent DJ Music Producer. Video Editor. Visual Artist /Visual Jockey LIVE VISUALS/AFTER MOVIE. Working with Indian Top Level DJs. and has been a personal video editing for most of them. more attention to the respect and career of the client. with Experience of the past 6 years and now this time. He Is. An artist VFX HEAD Or best Visual Artist




Parents: MD Dabir Uddin, Lipi begum

Organization founded: Afternight production


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He is also a self-published author on Amazon, has published several books on the subject of Music, website design and entrepreneurship.
He started MD Abidur Rahman IT, a startup company in 2018, Sabbir IT provides web design and IT-related Solution services, which is now gaining popularity among people and is working with a number of entrepreneurs from across the country as well as abroad.
Sabbir IT provides Website Design, Graphic Design, Domain hosting, Digital Marketing, cybersecurity, Social Media Account Management, Brand Promotion etc service







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