Md Foysal Haque Biography

Md Foysal Haque was born at ChapaiNawabganj in Bangladesh.He was the second son of Md Jinnur Rahman and Mst Forida Yesmin.From the very early age, he was attracted by photography.His father is a teacher.


His full name is Md Foysal Haque.But he is known as Foysal.Cause it is a full name and people used to pronounce it incorrectly.So he made it short.From then,he is ronowned as Foysal.


Md Foysal Haque is a student.Currently reading in Jain University ,Bengalore,India.His subject is Biochemistry Genetics & Biotechnology.

In 2012,Md Foysal Haqaue was admitted in Kaliganj I.M. high school,Binodpur,Shibganj,ChapaiNawabganj.Then he was admitted in Asian school & college in 2015.He passed ssc and passed hsc from Asian School & College in 2019.Currently studing in Jain University,Bengalore,India.

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