MD Numan Ahmed is a Founder of well-known company Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy is a public relations and marketing agency. Md Numan Ahmed owns this company. Numan is the owner of Tech Savvy. Founder Md Numan Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Musician, Music Composer, and Content Creator. He studied at the National University of Bangladesh. He is Born on 02 July in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Md Numan Ahmed already verified on YouTube and other social media. He founded ”Tech Savvy ” to help people online basis.

Tech Savvy provides a wide variety of marketing services under one umbrella that a business typically does not have in-house expertise in. The agency has numerous client goals, but the ultimate goal is to help you increase your product and service sales through their efforts.

Md Numan Ahmed said to us that “Actually from my childhood, I was keen to work in the digital marketing area. Seeing my many relatives working in the area and achieving many national-international awards grab my attention to work in the digital marketing area.”

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