Md Sahan Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Islamic Musical Artist.

Md Sahan Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Islamic Musical Artist

Md Sahan Ahmed was Born on 24 June 2002 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi Islamic Music Artist & Entrepreneur, Freelancer and YouTuber. Who has made a Big Name in Digital Marketing? Sahan is a Blogger and also a Content Writer. He is already a verified YouTube official artist channel & largest music platform on Spotify.

He started his education at Government Primary Madrasah at Biswanath. After he passed Secondary (SSC) from Lakwswar Madrasah and Higher Secondary (HSC) from Subhanigat Madrasah, Sylhet. Then he was admitted to Arabic University with Hadith honours (currently a 1st-year student).

He is also verified by music publishers Spotify, Amazon, Google Play. YouTube, Deezer etc Platform. which is now gaining popularity among people and is working with several entrepreneurs from across the country as well as abroad.

Sahan in addition to Islamic content is regularly performing on his own YouTube channel “Sylhety Islamic Tv”. There he made videos on vlogs, YouTube marketing other Islamic -related videos. At present, his channel has about 5k subscribers.

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