Musician Shovon Ahmed on hardships in life and how music worked as healing factor

Md Mehedi Hasan professionally known as Shovon Ahmed. He is a Bangladeshi musical artist, composer who has already verified as (OAC) YouTube official artist channel & largest music platform on Spotify. ... He has makes many music

Md Mehedi Hasan is known as Shovon Ahmed. He is an 18-years-old musician who has contributed a lot to the music industry. During his teenage days, he decided to make music his career and has accomplished many things so far. From working with different artists, brands to starting his own studio, the artist has come a long way in his career.

Shovon Ahmed

Life has not been easy for Shovon Ahmed before he ventured into the world of music. He did lots of hard work for it. At the age of 15, he started singing. But some years later he decided to produce music and finally, he started it.

About the same, music producer Shovon Ahmed shares, “During all these circumstances, what supported me was my passion for music. So, I asked my parents to allow me to pursue Sound Engineering in Chennai. But, due to all the previous problems and somehow being under the pressure of relatives to go with respectable degree courses, I was again in a dilemma.

So then, after this chaos, I was admitted to International Islamic University, Chittagong and completed my honours (B.B.A) and continued with my music practice here itself. And, with the gradual sessions, composing, and studies too. So, I came out as a graduate as well as a Full-time Musician and Pianist.”

Musician Shovon Ahmed is the founder of Shovon Ahmed Records in Chittagong. He has composed songs for several Bangladeshi Drama. In addition, he has composed numerous jingles for top brands and produced lots of music.

Artists like Shovon Ahmed are an inspiration to those who wish to attain their goals in life. It is not easy to succeed in a creative field, especially if you are an independent artist. But Shovon Ahmed has proved that it depends on how much will and passion a person has to make their dreams come true.

He says, “Music is my life, and it makes me happy. So, I made sure no setback affects me and kept going on. Eventually, my hard work started paying off. But I have more dreams and wish to collaborate with many talents in future. So, let’s hope for exciting work ahead.”

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