Mustafizur Rahman (Bhaity) Biography, Assam, Age, Family & More

Mustafizur Rahman

Mustafizur Rahman is from Assam, Goalpara. He is only 25 Years Old. According to him, he earns money from YouTube which is highest in the Northeast. Using his monthly income he can buy two Mercedes-Benz C Class Cars.

Family Details

Name Mustafizur Rahman (Bhaity)
Nickname Bhaity
Date of birth Yet to know
Father Name Yet to know
Mother Name Yet to know
Wife name Yet to know

Early life

Now He is a well-established person but at first, he has nothing he earns everything on his own. His father was a carpenter and can’t give him proper life in early life. So he after completing his education he works as a journalist in a news channel from where hardly earn anything. He tells a story about meeting a well-known journalist of Assam where he wanted to gift something but he had not had enough money to buy something at that time so he got a “Gamusa” from a show later he gifted his gift that “Gamusa” to that Journalist.

How Bhaity starts youtube.

As a normal person he also watched YouTube at get some knowledge that if you make video on Youtube you got paid. So he think to make video but he doesn’t have a proper android phone to make video. A boy who is working with his father as a helper he had a mobile phone he gave him the mobile to make video at first he make tech videos but its not helping him to get more views he got a few views from the tech videos so he decided to make other like remaking of Bollywood songs. Here he got the success slowly slowly he got attention from his videos. Now he have 5 million subscriber in his channel and he runs 8 channels.

Why People don’t know him in Assam

After being successful YouTuber his not so popular in Assam like other Youtuber in Assam. Because he not make vloging video nor he give information on camera he make videos of recreated songs with his team he never come in front of camera that’s why people of Assam not know him. Now he become the viral topic of some news channel by having 5 million subscriber .

How many YouTube channels Mustafizur Rahman (Bhaity) Runs: –

At present time he Runs 8 YouTube channels but his main channel is name as “Bhaity Music Company”

Net worth of Mustafizur Rahman (Bhaity)

His net worth is yet to reveal but his monthly income from YouTube is 45 to 50 Lakhs per month.

Mustafizur Rahman Age, Height, Weight

Mustafizur Rahman Age 25 (Apporx)
Mustafizur Rahman Height 5.7 (Apporx)
Mustafizur Rahman Weight Yet to know
Date of Birth of Mustafizur Rahman Yet to Know

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