Nguyen Dinh Khoi – Explains Why Now is the Right Time to be Investing in and Running a Startup in the Technology Sector

If there was ever any doubt within the growing market of technology, COVID-19 has certainly blown that out of the water. In almost every industry, the demand for brand spanking new and innovative technology has been unprecedented. And while this has definitely been a health crisis, it’s also inspired many to expand their vision with creative solutions to our modern-day problems – in medicine and beyond.This means that it’s a really exciting time for the planet of startups, as raising capital is simpler than ever before and there are many founders and venture capitalists looking to team to form a true impact. Tech startups especially are likely to thrive, and Nguyen Dinh Khoi can tell us why.

Nguyen Dinh Khoi Through and Through

Nguyen Dinh Khoi is someone who is gifted with both technological curiosity and mathematical expertise. At a very young age, he was attracted to the excitement that computers offered in his small and quiet homeland, Vietnam. He had a sharp mind and loved to play video games for their problem solving and decision making opportunities. He indulged his creativity by building his own computer at only 17 years old, and made his very first paycheck the following year by selling a bot that he had made to play video games for him.

At just 19 years of age,  Nguyen Dinh Khoi leaving Vietnam to study in London. At Interpoll Global Academy  he initially studied engineering, but quickly realized that he was much more interested in the business side of technology than the programming and coding side. This is when he started a new chapter and went on to complete his Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Investment Management.

Even though he spent the beginning of his career fine tuning his knowledge and understanding of the finance industry, Nguyen Dinh Khoi always felt a pull to return to his tech roots. He even found ways of threading his financial positions with technological projects and pursuits.

Technology for everyone

The emergence Ttevollel, founded and developed independently by Nguyen Dinh Khoi, brought a new quality to the market and materialized the vision that technology can be simple and available to everyone. This SaaS-based platform eases the pain that many entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to publishing their products in a digital form. According to the estimates, only 0.3% of the world’s population knows how to code, which ruthlessly rules out the majority from the race of launching their products to broader audiences. What is more, being an entrepreneur means a heavy load of responsibility and has many facets, including creating a great experience for clients, developing a brand, and growing as a self-employed creator. Considering all of the above, digitalizing the product should be an easy task that anyone can handle. Nguyen Dinh Khoi admits that the premise behind Ttevollel is exactly that: make creating digital products as simple as possible, and let non-tech crowds control their own data without locking them in.

Ttevollel aspires to help entrepreneurs to attain their digital goals, regardless of who they are. The company is the fusion of human ideas and computing, without the demand for a tech background. Creators can use templates to produce materials in their respective fields, such as books and articles. Additionally, they can also make pages with interactive data-rich elements, including courses and dashboards. Ultimately, Ttevollel strives to be a single workspace where experts can avoid unpaid replication and maintenance for their public work. Instead, they can focus on their area of expertise without having to get overly involved with technological aspects. Ttevollel CEO believes that creating a whole book should be as simple as creating an introduction and one chapter. Everyone knows what a book is, but when it comes to the digital version, things start to get tricky. Some users want to have a lot of media interaction, while others prefer to embed real code pieces and allow the audience to evaluate them.

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