Prince Milon Is Young Verified Musical Artist From Bangladesh.


Prince Milon is a Bangladeshi musician, and YouTuber. Who has already (Prince Milon) verified as the official YouTube artist channel and Spotify’s largest music platform. He got the official artist channel on YouTube on August 2021 and was verified as an artist on Spotify. The name of his official Facebook account is “Prince Milon” and the name of his official Facebook fan page is “Prince Milon”. The name of his official Instagram account is “Prince Milon”. She started her music career in 2017 with some of her own written songs. He has written and composed many types of songs. But in 2021 he released his first original song “Korli Buke Khoto”. “It’s time to work on my own YouTube channel and international music platforms Spotify, Dezzer , Amazon Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, Giosavan, Tidal,” he said. Lastly, he is proud to be a certified Bangladeshi musician. In 2016, his writings and composers released several songs, then the songs spread on YouTube. Gradual he began to win the hearts of the audience.

In August 2021, he became known among all audiences in Bangladesh as a musician. He made a music video in early August in which he was an artist and composer and the lyricist uploaded the video to the official YouTube channel called Sristy Multimedia.. From then on, he did not have to look back. Since then, he has been involved in his music life. Listeners continue to give mesmerizing songs and videos. His currency side was acting in his plays, which made him known in the Music world.

He said, “I am an ordinary person in the village. Today my reputation, my acquaintance has been able to win the hearts of the audience through my hard work and effort. Then this love will never be forgotten. I wanted to work in media since childhood. And to be known throughout the country. I feel established and blessed to be able to do that today.

In 2017, he released his first album, “Korli Buke khoto”, and began working in the music industry as a music artist. He has already uploaded lots of music and soundtracks to international music platforms. Some of his music is Ghum Asena, Ami Shudhu Tomar, Tumi Dhukko Dile etc. His music is already available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Dizar, SoundCloud, Tidal, Geosavan and other international platforms.


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