Ranveer Singh On Bigg Boss 15 Asked Question To Salman Khan About Sholay Movie


Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh had a fun in Bigg Boss 15: The country’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss has started from Saturday i.e. 2nd October. In Bigg Boss 15, this time 15 contestants have been locked in the house. On Saturday, 12 members were made to enter the house one by one in the Grand Premiere. Apart from this, the remaining three contestants were given entry in the house on Sunday. During this, Ranveer Singh reached the stage to meet Salman Khan. And then there was bound to be fun and frolic on the stage.

Ranveer Singh’s entry on the stage was tremendous. Ranveer Singh came and sat quietly on the stage. Seeing this, Salman Khan said that he has a habit of entering everywhere. Hearing this, Ranveer also started laughing. After this Ranveer told how big a fan he is of Salman Khan. He shared many funny anecdotes. He told that when Salman Khan’s Sultan was released, he went to Paris on a 4-month tour. There he came to see Sultan and liked the film so much that he started dancing in front of the screen in the hall itself. After this another story happened. It was an award show in which Salman Khan was on the stage, but seeing him on the stage, Ranveer was pointing to come up again and again. Even Salman made fun of him about this anecdote.

Ranveer Singh asked Salman a tough question
Ranveer Singh is coming soon with his new show. Whose name is The Big Picture. In this, a picture will be shown to the contestant and then a related question will be asked from the same picture. Ranveer Singh, who arrived in Bigg Boss 15 to promote his show, also asked questions to Salman Khan. He asked what was the name of Gabbar Singh’s father in the film Sholay. Now know this thing that the writer of this film was Salman Khan’s father. Now how can Salman not give the correct answer to this. He answered it Hari Singh and it was the correct answer.

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