Rob Ferro ” Jeep Audio Guru “

For the past 3 years Rob Ferro know in the jeep community as ” Mr DS18 ” have made sure jeepers are happy with their rides. Rob works for DS18 Car Audio based out of  Miami Fl. and what does he do? He shows off his Jeeps and how loud and clear they are. He goes to the best jeep shows nationwide with his crew and setups, branding DS18 and showing how it’s done.

Displaying and sharing the knowlegde of being a leader in the audio industry, Rob explains why having an upgrading sound system in  your jeep is very important.

Imagine your self on the road, the highway or trailing but with barely music playing, how do you enjoy that? Music is life, it generates energy and that adrenaline touch that makes adventures more exciting than just trying to blast your stock system. Some use their jeeps for daily purposes, so close your eyes, and remember that drive from work to your home, lets say 15 – 20 minutes of just your favorite tunes, windows down, top off and Go!


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