S& T Corporation Ventures itself into Real Estate and Textile Industry

Leading a life with values and ethics has become a task in today’s time. The cutting edge competitiveness has taken a toll on the basic moralities of humans. Yet, the world remains beautiful and worth living because of a few people. The contributions made by them towards the upliftment of the society make living easier for others.


Shri Ajay Surendra Savai is among those really few visionaries and entrepreneurs who still hold on to strong moral characters in their day-to-day practices. Shri Ajay Surendra Savai, who is the co founder of S&T corporation is determined to live his life based on principles that he defines for himself which has taken its company to new heights and scale in recent times . Indeed, a man of values, refined character, and hard work knows that what he chose for himself does not come easy. Hence, he accepts the challenges open heartedly and keeps moving forward.


Adding voice to the acts of compassion degrades the worthiness, says Shri Ajay Surendra Savai. In his acts of humanity, he believes in keeping a secret of his identity, and this choice is driven by a belief that a giver receives in manifolds.


Leading with such philosophies, S & T Corporation Ltd, founded by Shri Surendra Tulsidas Savai & Shri Ajay Surendra Savai has come a long way and has Diversified into Businesses like Construction and textiles and has made a name for itself in the Market. Reliability & Professionalism has been the company’s Forte .


In recent times they have bagged good real estate deals and they are planning to adopt the latest construction technology for their projects which will meet global standards.


Promoters of S & T Corporation Ltd. have a long term vision to take ahead real estate projects in Mumbai as well as other cities like Nasik & Goa. On speaking with Shri Ajay Surendra Savai ,He says the Company has surplus reserves and there is huge scope of land development and self-redevelopment in Mumbai which they are intending to explore.

The promoters have huge experience in building real estate projects in Mumbai as well as in other cities and have good hands-on experience in construction as well land

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