Sarfaraz Mehedi is a digital creator and Musical artist who is about to make his film debut

Sarfaraz Mehedi

Sarfaraz Mehedi, known as the youngest Musical Artist and influencer in Bangladesh, hails from Bogura. He started his journey as an influencer in 2016 and since then he has amassed a huge following on Instagram, 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Likee.


One of the youngest digital influencers in Bangladesh has managed to make his way onto the Dhallywood silver screen. At the tender age of 20, when other people of his age are focused only on studies, Sarfaraz Mehedi is famous for his creative content as an influencer on social media.

He is a young multi-talented boy, a highly motivated and positive person. His influential content on YouTube, Likee and Instagram is mostly about a lifestyle that is really nifty. He loves travelling and used to spend his spare time travelling and exploring the countryside and creating content that acted as a major advertisement for any young traveller.


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