Sarwade Samyak

Sarwade Samyak fondly known as Sam is a (Graphic Designer) and Musical Artist with a strong social media presence. He has more than 20k followers

on social media platform Instagram, and he claims to have intricate knowledge of social media algorithms and how one could enhance his presence on these modern and vibrant and extremely essential and useful digital platforms.

He owns a Spotify Verify Artist Channel with the name Samyak Sarwade, which has 100000+ views. Through this channel, he shares Hip-Hop songs about platforms. He is also a content creator on Instagram, his Instagram handle, where he shows his photography and graphic designing skills. He has more than 20K+ followers there


He is born and brought up in the Shirur Taj Band district of Latur. He is a Polytechnic Student but social media platforms always remained his passion. So he decided
to make a career in this field. He says he has proficiency in Personal Musical, Digital Marketing, Photo Editing, and Social Media promotion as well as entrepreneurial skills. In his leisure time, he loves to travel and read. In his personal life, he says he is a very easy-going fitness freak and simple boy-next-door.

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