Shafayet A Popular Musical Artist Businessmen & Influence in Bangladesh

Shafayet is a Bangladeshi. He is a servant, he has his own organization called Green Peace Bangladesh. He loves to put a smile on the face of helpless people. As well as that he likes to tour. He has visited many districts of Bengal. He was born on 25/10/2002 in a village called Sat Baria in Rahimnagar Bazar, Chandpur, Kuchua district.”
Shafayet is a servant. He has been working for an organization called Green Press since 2019. During the meeting with him, he said: He loves to put smiles on the faces of poor people. Find his smiles among helpless people, his team now has 350+ members who put smiles on the faces of helpless people. That is what he said. He read and wrote Pasha while studying in Madrasa. He goes for leisure time, He has visited many districts of Bengal. He has visited India outside Bangladesh. Again many times he oversees his father’s business. Shafayet is the son of an Islamic family. Everyone in his family is pious. He was born on Friday, October 25, 2002. Her father is a successful businessman, Her father also likes to travel. In his spare time, he goes for walks, He has visited 64 districts of Bangladesh, His father has also travelled abroad. All his descendants studied in madrasas. Mohammad Shafayet likes to eat outside. He is a fancy person. He prefers to stay in the village but lives in Dhaka.

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