Shashank Kulkarni received Gandhi Seva Ratna Award

A Senior researcher Shashank Kulkarni of the Central University of Jammu has been declared this year’s Gandhi Seva Ratna Award. This honor, given every year by the Wake People Council, is considered important in the service sector. This council is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Its headquarter is in Pune. This award will be presented to him on July 24 in Bhopal. Dignitaries of the country will participate in this program as chief guests. Council President Dr. Vijay Bajaj informed about the announcement of the award through a letter to Shashank Kulkarni. He said that Kulkarni has been doing important social work in sensitive parts of Jammu and Kashmir since last few years. He is a researcher who solves the problem of society by staying with the society.

Shashank Kulkarni is an eminent poet, writer, speaker and an internationally renowned agricultural policy scientist. He was born in the year 1990 in Sakhrale (District Sangli) village of Maharashtra. He has done special work in the Department of Public Policy and Public Administration, Central University of Jammu as Senior Researcher, University Grants Commission. Various countries of the world have made him proud for his research and writing work. More than ten books have been written by him in Marathi, Hindi, English languages ​​on different subjects. He has written in various national and international research journals. He has played an important role in the construction of the revered Dwarkanath Shastri National Research Center. He is also known as the leader of ‘Baba Laxman Das National Memorial Construction Service Committee’, an innovative social and spiritual movement of Jammu and Kashmir. He has been honored by the renowned Swahili University of South America in recognition of his basic research work in the context of India’s farmer policy.

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