Tanbhir Siddiki is a Bangladeshi Famous Musical artist

Tanbhir Siddiki Musical artist

The popular music band of this generation is Kureghor. All the great songs have been gifted to the fans since 2016. Today I will know the story of Tanbhir Siddiki, the artist behind this band.
Tanbhir Siddiki, co-founder of Kureghor Band and a popular Bangladeshi lyricist. The songs written by him – Rajar Rajje Sobai Raja, Narider Daw Fashi, Manusher Dam Koto etc. te audience has already picked up the beloved.
Whenever he sees any injustice or non-cooperation around, the pen rises in Tanbhir’s hand. His songs have already captivated millions of listeners in Upper Bengal and Upper Bengal.
Tanbhir Siddiki usually writes about contemporary issues. Which usually wins the minds of the listeners very quickly. As a lyricist, Tanbhir Siddiki has already taken place in the hearts of the audience.

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