Vaibhav Upadhyay a man thinking dynamically on various political affairs

With the world changing so fast, there are different facets of the world that are coming into existence every day. Its essential for a man who wants to work for social causes to be aware of the changing world and the new emerging facets. Mr Vaibhav Upadhyay has the ability to see things differently which gives him a unique perspective to new emerging facets of the world. Mr. Vaibhav’s life has always been a series of ups and downs which caused him to develop this diverse perspective.

Vaibhav Upadhyay CEO Shambhavi Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. (SREPL) and Pre NOB-Indian Youth Congress. He hails from Kelwara Kumbhalgarh, and has been really passionate about sustainable development, renewable energy, environment and social work from his college days and during those years his awareness grew towards the growing carbon emissions and the degrading state of nature. To become a part of solution to the climate problem and to materialise his vision of sustainable development, he founded his company Shambhavi Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. (SREPL).

SREPL has worked extensively in solar industry since it’s inception in 2014, the portfolio of goods and services provide by SREPL is immense, ranging from megawatt grid connected system to a single home lightning system. SREPL has provided power solutions to residential units, hospitals, schools, industries and even to houses where there was no network of electricity transmission lines. The company has worked in various states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc.

Mr. Vaibhav Upadhyay’s company had humble beginnings but with hard work, grit and determination the company maintained a steady growth. He believes that employees and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and he is empathetic towards not only his customers but also towards his employees and that is the reason why all the employees in the company have high regard for him another quality that differentiates Mr. Vaibhav from other business leaders is the ability to put himself in other people’s shoes and understand what others are thinking which is also a key driver in his success because through understanding other people he is able to better integrate group efforts and bring efficiency and effectiveness in the working of the organisation.

During his years of working in solar industry he visited many villages in various states and was able to closely observe the problems and difficulties of people there. He was always a politically and socially aware person but after his expeditions and observing the deplorable state of villages it reminded him of his own birthplace Kelwara Kumbhalgarh and he became certain that he needs to take his efforts to a level higher and work for betterment of villages and a greater social cause.

It is a general stereotype among people that politics is a dirty game or it is a swamp that consumes people and turns them into abominable individuals, He defines it the other way, as a platform for people to put forward the plight of distressed and needy, becoming the voice for the voiceless and empowering the common man who has been ignored endlessly by people in power. There is a quote regarding this in Bhagvad Gita “The world suffers a lot, not due to violence of bad people but silence of good people” He feels people’s apathy and specially youth’s apathy towards politics is not healthy for nation, the youth of the nation need to be more aware and critical of government policies and enthusiastically take part in politics and being vocal about their opinions which will help them in becoming an aware and responsible citizen.

His social work in Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur during Covid 19 phase which includes providing necessary supplies such as food, masks, sanitizers and medicine to the needy also providing the food to the front-line workers has been phenomenal.

His efforts are recognized all over southern Rajasthan and people with reverence calls him “Vaibhav Ji” and he holds a commendable grasp over area not just because of efforts in social work but also because of his simple living he doesn’t wear imported expensive brands instead wears khadi kurta and pajama of Indian origins he believes in mahatma Gandhi’s ideal of “simple living, high thinking”.

He believes in integrating our traditional culture and traditions with modern technology.

Lastly, he is guided by the ideals of Lord Shri Ram and Mahatma Gandhi which are resisting injustice, developing a spirit of service, selflessness and sacrifice. There is a quote “action speaks louder than words”. Mr. Vaibhav Upadhyay’s action in Covid 19 and all the other areas of life proves that he is not merely a man of words but a man of action.

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