Why does Sameera Reddy not hide her white hair from people, the actress gave a heart-wrenching answer to her father’s question


In the photo shared by Sameera, he is wearing a blue color T-shirt. He has tied his hair. Her hair looks white and she is smiling. Sameera wrote in the note with it that "My father asked why I don’t hide my white hair. He was scared what people would think of me. So I said what if he would do that. Will it make me feel like I am old? am not beautiful? not ready? not attractive? I said I’m not crazy about it like I used to be. And it’s freedom to be free"


Sameera further said that "I used to color my hair twice a week so that no one can see the white hair. But now I take my time. When I want to choose colors, I don’t. Then he said that you want to change this issue, so why didn’t I say? I know I’m not alone. Change and acceptance begin only when the old ideas are broken. When we can just let each other be. When self-confidence finds its way, it does not hide behind any mask or cover.  my dad got it". 

sameera wrote "As a father, I understood his feelings. That’s how we learn and move forward every day. We get peace from small things, these are small steps by which we go to the very top."

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