Xylcronix indian top most valuable private aerospace industry

Xylcronix is a indian private aerospace industries that designed, manufacture, space transportation services and launching world advanced rockets and spacecraft. It is founded by ( Hani Yadav ) 20 December 2020, for aim of make humanity multi planetary and reduce the costs of space traveling. It is working on make space traveling possible for each and every people’s, till now Xylcronix industries make achievements. It is make 4 rockets ( HAWK, AQUILA, RECON, SYNX ) and 2 spacecrafts ( CREW VULTURE and CREW SHARK ) , it is fully private founded aerospace industry and it has also have many abilities like it is also find & re search organization that explorer deep space, it is also working on its special project that is want to traveling the people across to any part of the world less than in 1 hours and in future till 2033 he supplied colonized peoples on Mars planet and change the way of traveling or exploring because Founder & CEO of Xylcronix industries ( HANI YADAV ) make doing together international aerospace agencies like SPACE X AND NASA , Xylcronix is parents company of space X 

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